Training zones

3 training zones can be selected in the MC 2.0 WL:

  • The FIT and FAT zones are automatically calculated from the set personal data and from the personal maximum HR.
  • The values for the OWN zone are similarly calculated, but can be adjusted individually.

Direct selection

The training zone can be selected directly via a short-cut button:

Press and hold the HR/CAD button



With MC 2.0 WL, either heart rate data or cadence data can also be displayed. In a selection menu it is defined whether heart rate, cadence or no other information should be displayed.

All heart rate functions are located on the button HR / CAD. The heart rate / cadence functions can be accessed sequentially by pressing a button.

Heart rate functions

  • Average / maximum heart rate on the current trip
  • Calories burnt on current trip 
  • Time when the heart rate
    • was below the set lower limit
    • was in the set training zone
    • was above the set upper limit

A beeper emits a signal when the current heart rate exceeds the set upper limit or is below the set lower limit. The beeper can be turned off.



For heart rate measurement, the indicators show wether the heart rate is:

  • below the lower limit
  • above the upper limit
  • in the selected training zone